Tenerife astro photography workshop

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The cleanest, clearest skies in Europe


The Canary Islands are recognised on an international level for the exceptionalconditions in which to observe the stars. 

The quality of the sky is such that it is protected by the Law for the Astronomical Quality of the IAC 

Observatories and has the privilege of having three Starlight Reserves, a hallmark that confirms 

the low level of light pollution in the area.

Tenerife is officially recognised as one of the top three astronomy locations in the world along with 

Hawaii and the Atacama desert in Chile. We are blessed with a climate that keeps the clouds low down, 

meaning the higher areas are almost always cloud free and we rarely miss a celestial event, a star-gazer’s dream! 

The sky is dark every night, even in the height of summer so why be restricted to a few cold winter months 

to enjoy the stars when they are available here all year round?



The Workshop

We will stay 5 full nights accommodated in 4 stars luxury hotel just 10 minutes away 

from El Teide National Park from 5 to 10th of June.

where will focus on Astro photography and landscape (during sunset and sunrise)

Will learn the basic of astro photography, how to read the sky, best  iPhone applications to

guide us and how to use the sky tracker.

And from 10 to 12th for 2 nights will stay in the south of the island in one of the best resort,

Sheraton hotel, where will focus on seascape photography and whales



What will photograph ??


Astro Photography

Startrail photography

landscape photography

timelapse video

The Workshop

Will meet in Madrid on 4th of June or on 5th no late than 11:30 am.

Then will fly to Tenerife from Madrid airport terminal 4.

our fly back from Tenerife on 12th of June.

The workshop including:

  • 7 days accommodation, 5 days half board and the rest 2 days only breakfast.
  • Entree fees for the observatory tour and the whale watching tour.
  • Ioptron sky guider pro 
  • Photoshop workshop basic and advance level.
  • Transportation in Tenerife.
  • Material discount 15% from Advance Media Dubai




The workshop not including:

  • Traveling to Spain and visa fees.
  • Traveling from Madrid to Tenerife .
  • Meals and snacks.
  • The accommodation in Madrid.


What we need:

  • Full frame camera or APS-C.
  • Wide angle lens and zoom lenses.
  • Study tripod and level base.
  • Jacket and warm clothes, the temperature may drop to 8 degrees C, 
  • during the daytime temperature around 20 degrees .
  • Many batteries and memory cards.
  • Small ball head for the sky tracker mount




Workshop fees 2400 euro

for inscription 1000 euro downpayment 

Price in delux room double occupancy 

for single occupancy 500 euro more.





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