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Crazy Summer Tour

For the first time, the full iceland tour 

  • Midnight Sun
  • whale and Puffin watching tour 
  • North east Region 
  • The Westfjords 
  • Glacier Activity
All these activity will be with luxury 4x4 Volvo car.

Join Shadi Nassri on this 17 days’ photo workshop around Iceland to photograph the amazing landscapes.
We will be chasing the light, choosing beautiful and epic locations with a reduced group (only 4), We will share our experience and technique with each other and take our photography skills to a higher level.

Be prepared to start early and stay out late hunting and photographing otherworldly scenes in the midnight sun light. During this tour, our main focus is on landscape photography,
you will experience Iceland’s surreal beauty with its countless majestic and iconic waterfalls, world famous glacier lagoons, black sand beaches with impressive cliffs and basalt formations, the largest glacier in Europe, mountain peaks, big lava fields.

شاركني في هذه الرحلة لمدة ١٧ يوماًفي ربوع ايسلاند لتصوير اجمل ا لمناظر الطبيعية.سنطارد الضوء و نختار اجمل ا لاماكن مع مجموعة صغيرة فقط ٤ اشخاص و سوف نتشارك في خبراتنا و افضل التقنيات ليصل ا لمشاركون الى مرحلة جديدة و متقدمة في مجال تصوبر ا لمناظر الطبيعية.اكثر من ١٦ ساعة ستكون مخصصة لتصوير ا لمناظر الطبيعية و لتكتشفوا الطبيعة الخ لابة لايسلاند، من الشلالات التي تحبس ا لانفاس، البحيرات الجليدية، شواطg الرمال السوداء، التكوينات البحرية البركانية و اجمل الجبال الساحلية و حقول اللافا او الحمم البركانية الخضراء.السهول الخضراء و ا لا زهار الجميلة تميز ايسلاند في فصل الصيف


If the magic of the Northern Lights entices you to visit Iceland in winter then surely everlasting days, with the sun still shining at midnight, will convince you to embark on a summer break here too.

اذا كان سحر الشفق القطبي تدفعك لزيارة ايسلاند في الشتاء، فمع ظاهرة الشمس في منتصف الليل يجب ان تدفعك لزيارة ايسلاند في الصيف ايضاً.

The Tour


You will arrive at Keflavik International Airport and then to the hotel in Keflavik, in the afternoon we will meet in the lobby of the hotel and go out for dinner where we will get to know each other and discuss our upcoming adventure.
The will chasing our first midnight sun in the best location around the area.
Accommodation: Keflavik

سيكون الوصول الى مطار Keflavik الدولي و سنجتمع في الفندق بعد الظهر و من ثم سنذهب للعشاء لنتعرف على بعضنا البعض و نتكلم في مغامرتنا القادمة.و بعد العشاء سنخرج لاول طلعة تصويرية الى اجمل ا لاماكن ا لموجودة حولنا.

 Keflavik الاقامة في مدينة 

DAYS 2-3:


Will drive along the south coast all the way to the charming village of Vik surrounded by high, beautiful bird cliffs. The Icelandic south coast holds some of the most stunning natural attractions of the island. The area boasts a unique mix of volcanoes, lava fields, glaciers, wild black beaches, epic cliffs and sea stacks along with some iconic waterfalls.

Along our way to Vik we will capture the mossy lava field of Eldhraun. The lava with a thickness of about 12 meters, completely overgrown with moss, suits itself perfectly for taking magnificent pictures in scenery that is like from another planet. The black beach at Vik is simply a magical spot and we will capture it while viewing the mysterious Reynisdrangar basalt sea stacks—or trolls. Legend has it that these were trolls out fishing too late that turned to stone when exposed to daylight.

Around the corner from Vik, the black beach at Reynisfjara offers a different point of view of the spiky sea stacks along with massive basalt cliffs and caves. The waves are strong and wild adding a powerful element to this extraordinary environment. This beach has been rated as the most beautiful non-tropical beach in the world.

سنتجه خ لال الشاطg الجنوبي لايسلاند وصولا الى مدينةVIKاللتي تحيط بها جبال بحرية بركانية تتواجد فيها ا لالوف من الطيور، يوجد في هذه ا لمنطقة اجمل التكوينات البركانية الصخرية، الشواطg السوداء ا لمشهورة و اجمل الشلالات في ايسلاند.و ايضاًبالقرب هناك حطام طائرة قديمة سنزورها.

ا لاقامة عند شلالSkogar


Days 4-5-6:

our journey continues in the direction of Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon where we will be spending the next two days in the incredible area of the Vatnajokull National Park with endless opportunities with our cameras.

We will see floating white and blue icebergs on the glacier lagoon and on the black beach, ice crystals washed ashore illuminated in the midnight sun looking like diamonds; a sight that take your breath away. The glacial lagoon is a pure display of natural art and a spectacular sight leaving one in awe each time there and since the light is ever changing we will spend extra time there to get best possible photographs.

Most likely you will see beautiful, sleek seals basking on the ice or swimming in the lagoon.

Not only we will be photographing icy scenes in Vatnajokull National Park but also we will have the chance to explore the impressive black dune beach at Stokksnes and the majestic peaks of Mt. Vestrahorn.

The always picturesque Mt.Vestrahorn on the southeast corner of Iceland is a steep 454 meter high mountain, gorgeous in appearance with dramatic summits and slopes made of gabbro rock that give you endless opportunities with your camera and photographic skills. The strong waves of the Atlantic Ocean crashing on the beach gives the scenery an extra wild look. In the southeast area of Iceland.


سنتجه ان شاء الله لمنطقة Jokulsarlonحيث يوجد فيها اكبر غ لاسيير في اوروبا و هناك ينتواجد في البحيرة الجليدية حيث تطفوا فيها قطع الجليد ذات اللون ا لابيض و ا لا زرق.

و ايضاًتطفوا هذه القطع على الساحل ا لمقابل ا لمشهور بشاط ا لالماسو على ا لاغلب سنتمكن من رؤية الفقمات و هي تسبح في البحيرة ان شاء ا لله.

و في نفس ا لمنطقة يوجد ايضاًجبل ستوكنس ا لمشور بكتل الرمال السوداء و تكوينه الجميل و باذن الله سنمضي ٣ ايام بقربه و سنصوره من الطرفين.

و في المنطقة بحيرات جميلة بالاضافة الى اكثر من بحيرة جليدية.


Days 7-8:

The Northeast region, remote and little-visited region you can see sea birds and whales in their natural, unspoilt environment, and visit the unexpectedly lush Jökulsárgljúfur area, the northern section of Vatnajökull National Park.


However, if you’re looking to explore off-the-beaten-track Iceland, this is one of the best places in the entire country. True, tourist attractions as such are few and far between, but the real draw of this corner of Iceland is to experience nature in the raw and to see a side of Icelandic life which is rarely glimpsed in some of the more cosmopolitan centres of the country. Dozens of atmospheric fishing villages cling precariously to this shore just south of the Arctic Circle. Exploring these quiet, conservative outposts and the craggy cliffs and wilderness areas around them reveals the harsh seafaring world that is in many ways Iceland’s backbone.

 سنتجه الى منطقة الشمال الشرقي و هي من ا لمناطق ا لمعزولة و ا لاقل زيارة من

السياح، نرى فيها الطيور البحرية و خاصة طيور البافن و الحيتان الكبيرة في مناطقها

الطبيعية، القرى البحرية و موانg الصيادين و سنزور فيها اكبر شلال في ايسلاند و

متحف الحيتان و سنصور الطيور و الحيتان ان شاء ا لله.

ايضاًيوجد فيها اماكن طبيعية جميلة جدا و فيها طائرة قديمة محطمة سنزروها.ا لاقامة في قريةRaufarhofn





Day 9:

Will drive to The Goðafoss waterfall which is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Iceland. The water of the river Skjálfandafljót falls from a height of 12 meters over a width of 30 meters.

Also will visit Aldeyjarfoss waterfall is considered the most beautiful one in the river Skjalfandafljot. The waterfall is framed with long, natural basaltic columns. It is located in the uppermost regions of the Bardardalur valley.

في اليوم التاسع سنزور منطقة شلال godafoss و يعد من اجمل شلالات ايسلاند و ايضاً العديد من الشلالات في هذه ا لمنطقة، ايضاً سنزور منطقة الينابيع الكبريتية ، البراكين القريبة من ا لمنطقة.

الاقامة في منطقة GODAFOSS

DAY 10:

Driving along the Vatnsnes peninsula reveals the extraordinary rock formation of Hvitserkur which is a 15 meter tall cliff jutting out straight from the sea. It has a unique shape some say resembles a giant dinosaur or a cow enjoying a drink from the ocean. Sea erosion has carved out unique holes in the shape and often seals can be spotted enjoying the view.

سنتجه في هذا اليوم الى شبه جزيرة Vatnsnes لرؤية صخرة بركانية غريبة الشكل، ارتفاعها ١٥ متراًو لها شكل بعضهم يقولون انها ديناصور و البعض ا لاخر بقرة تشرب من مياه المحيط.

في هذا ا لمكان هو ايضاًمكان عيش العديد من الحيوانات البحرية مثل الفقمات و الحيتان

مكان السكن قرب الصخرة في الفندق الوحيد ا لموجود.

Days 11-12:

The Westfjords is where Iceland’s dramatic landscapes come to a riveting climax and where mass tourism disappears – only about 10% of Iceland's visitors ever see the region. Jagged bird cliffs and broad multihued dream beaches flank the south. Rutted dirt roads snake north along jaw-dropping coastal fjords and over immense central mountains, revealing tiny fishing villages embracing traditional ways of life. In the far north, the Hornstrandir hiking reserve crowns the quiet region, and is home to cairn-marked walking paths revealing bird life, Arctic foxes and ocean vistas. The Strandir coast is less visited still, with an end-of-the-line, mystical feel, geothermal springs and minuscule oceanside hamlets.

Dynjandi is the most dramatic waterfall in the Westfjords. The bumpy drive to it is famous for incredible views; you'll see how the falls are the catchment area for run-off from the peaks and inland valleys all around.

سنتجه الى الشمال الغربي من جزيرة ايسلاند الى اجمل ا لمناطق و هي من ا لمناطق التى فقط ١٠٪ من السياح يقصدونها لبعدها و هي موطن الثعلب القطبي و العديد من الطيور ا لمهاجرة و يقع فيها واحد من اجمل الشلالاتDYnjandi

السمن في مدينةPingeyri


Days 13-14:

Will drive up to Snæfellsnes exploring and photographing the outstanding beauty of the coastline which is dotted with small villages a short distance from each other along with lush fjords and steep mountains.

Londrangar, the two ancient volcanic basalt plugs rising out of the ocean along the shorefront will take your breath away. Their unusual shape provides a popular habitat for nesting birds of all kinds and their distinctive beauty makes excellent photo opportunities.

Since days are long and nights are bright we will have many opportunities to shoot the famous mountain, Kirkjufell on the northern side of Snæfellsnes. Mt. Kirkjufell is considered to be one of

Iceland́s most beautiful mountains with its special cone-like shape and steep hills. This mountain with its photo opportunities from different angles will be a masterpiece for your portfolio.

سنتجه الى شبه جزيرة سنافلسنيس الى اجمل بقاعد ايسلاند و اشهر جبالها و

Kirkjufellهو كيركجيفل و هو مشهور بشكله الذي يشبه قبعة الساحر و ايضاًيوجد العديد من الشلالات و التكوينات البركانية ا لمشهورة، و ايضاًالكنسية السوداء اقامتنا ستكون بجانب الجبل


Days 15-16:

Will drive back to the capital Reykjavic, and will spend 2 days there to photograph all the spots of the city and the golden circuits also, lot of waterfalls and Geysir also.

سنعود الى العاصمة، و سوف نقضي هناك يومين لتصوير احلى ا لاماكن في العاصمة و حوليها، با لاضافة الى منطقة الحزام الذهبي التي تحتوي على اجمل الشلالات و ا لاماكن الجميلة

ا لاقامة فيKeflavik


Day 17:





You must be thinking, what is the best time to visit Iceland? And if you want to visit Iceland when the weather is at it’s best – July is your best bet!

July & August are the warmest months of the year in Iceland – And the two months with the least amount of rain. The temperature even sometimes reaches a whopping 20°C and when that happens, Icelanders simply call in sick for work and spend that day outside, laying in the sun! Oh yes, July is truly a time to be alive in Iceland because not only is the temperature above all honours but that’s also when the sun barely leaves our sight! Sounds like heaven, right?

Here are some weather statistics about the weather in Iceland during July:

The average temperature in Iceland in July is 11°C  with daily averages from 9-13°C. And the most beautiful part about it, the days in July are still super bright with long daylight hours!

Average Temperature in Iceland

average temperature in Iceland

الطقس في شهر يوليو

يعد شهر يوليو و اغسطس افضل شهرين في السنة لزيارة ايسلاند، هما اقل الشهور في هطول الامطار و درجة الحرارة تصل الى ٢٠ درجة مئوية و متوسط درجة الحرارة هو ٩-١٣ درجة مئوية.


It can be tricky to choose what to wear or how to dress during the beautiful Icelandic summer.

There is a term in Icelandic called “Peysuveður” which literally translates to “Sweater weather”. That’s when the temperature is just right for a sweater alone during the daytime. I think that term is the best to explain how to dress in Iceland during summer. It is safe to pack light when visiting Iceland in July but make sure to also bring your coat / warm weather and preferably something rain and wind proof – as you will never know what adventures you might find yourself in. It is not needed to bring heavy winter gear unless you plan to visit the glaciers, and even though – it probably won’t be necessary. Fleece and wool are your best friends in Iceland during July and a pair of gloves are nice for evening hours.


Iceland summer tour

Total Price: 4850 Euros per person double occupancy.Registration deposit: 1500 Euros
Maximum Number of Participants: 4
Payment in Full: 30 days prior to the workshop starting date.

Cancellation policy:
Cancellation more than 90 days before workshop - 75% deposit Refund.
Cancellation 89-60 days before workshop - 50% deposit Refund
Cancellation less than 60 days before workshop - deposit NO REFUND


17 days, 18 nights lodging.
Workshop fees and National parks entry including Whale and Puffin watching entry fees. Transportations from to airport through the hotel. Transportation during the tour.
Post production tips.
Discount on Filters 15%.
More than 12 hours a day photography & tips .


  • Flight tickets

  • Snacks and beverages and Meals

    تكلفة الورشة ٤٨٥٠ يورو

    عند التسجيل يتم تحويل١٥٠٠يورو

    يتم دفع باقي المبلغ ٣٠يوماً قبل موعد السفر

    عدد المشاركين ٤ اشخاص

    السعر في غرفة مزدوجة لشخصين 

    في حال الاعتذار

     يتم استرجاع ٧٥٪؜  من المبلغ قبل ٩٠ يوم

    ٥٠٪؜ بين ٨٩-٦٠ يوم

    وقبل٦٠ يوماً لايسترجع اَي شي

    تشمل رسوم الورشة:

    • ١٧يوم فنادق
    • فطور
    • رسوم دخول الاماكن المدفوعة
    • المواصلات من المطار للفندق
    • المواصلات خلال الورشة بسيارة فارهة دفع رباعي
    • رحلة تصوير حيتان وطيور البافن
    • ورشة معالجة الصور
    • خصم على الفلاتر وترايبودات غيتزو ١٥٪؜
    • اكثر من ١٢ ساعة تصوير

    لاتشمل الورشة:

    • الطيران من والى ايسلاند
    • وجبات الغداء و العشاء
    • سناكس

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