Shadi Nassri


Born in 1972 in Tartous, a small town in the Mediterranean coast of Syria.

Graduated in Marine Engineering on 1998.

On 1999 moved to Spain till this moment.


Starting as photographer on 1986 and my first camera was Zenit 11, and my first digital camera was Sony on 2002.

My first Dslr Camera was Nikon D300 on 2007, since this moment I am so proud and faithful of Nikon brand.

After D300 I moved to D800, D800e and now using D810a which I thing is the best camera I ever had in my life.


Also I am Hasselblad user I have the 503CV mechanical media format camera.


Starting my photography career as travel photographer on 1986, on 2007 moved to Landscape photography which I decided to grow up as a landscape photographer.

2010 stared with night landscape photography.

2015 start with the astro photography and 2016 with drone photography.


I moved to the Middle East on 2011 for work reasons and since that moment my career as a photographer changed 180º.

I lived 2 years in Qatar and 2 years in UAE till end of 2015 when I back to Spain again for family reasons.

On 2011 started my career as a photography instructor, running a lot of photography workshops in Qatar, UAE, Spain, Italy, Netherlands and Iceland.

Most of my workshops focused on landscape, night photography and photoshop.

I am in love with Iceland which I run more the 9 photography workshops in the last 4 years.

More than 12 photography workshops in Spain, 9 in Qatar, and more than 10 workshops in UAE.

I share my photography knowledge with a hundreds of photographers and this make me very happy.


2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 winner in Al Thani photography awards.

2013 winer in Austria photography awards.

2015 winer in Sharjah photography awards.

2017 winer in aerial photography competition by HIPA.

And many Fiap awards around the world.

Lucroit filters ambassador

Nikon School instructor

Nikon, Hasselblad, Sony, Zeiss, DJI, Gitzo and Really Right Stuff user